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Media Asset Capital acts as strategic advisor on Masstech SGL merger

Media Asset Capital (MAC) is delighted to announce the merger of UK-based SGL and Canadian headquartered Masstech to create Masstech Innovations Inc., which will have global scale and will manage a substantial portion of the world’s digital assets in broadcast news and production.

MAC acted as investment advisor to both Masstech and SGL in a complex transaction that was fully funded by FPE Capital, the leading UK growth capital investor.

Llewellyn John, Partner at FPE, commented: “We are delighted with these two investments and the value and growth prospects that can be achieved by combining them. We see a strong strategic fit in the merging of Masstech and SGL, both companies with a strong reputation for their solutions in this growth market, to create global scale and improved product functionality for customers.

Commenting on the transaction, MAC CEO Neil MacTaggart stated: “This was a unique opportunity to create a single entity that would leverage the expertise of both companies, their development teams and their channel partners. Both Masstech and SGL have their own relative strengths, and the new, combined operation will be much stronger than simply the sum of the two businesses.”

Graham Sharp, MAC Director and Head of MAC’s North American operation underlined the strategic input that MAC provided to this transaction: “We worked very closely with the management teams and owners of both companies in order to bring about a solution that was best for the businesses, their investors and their customers. Our unique combination of commercial and technology skills meant that we saw how both the business, their products and their development roadmaps could be aligned to create a world class company with huge potential for growth.”

With operations in both the UK and North America, MAC was ideally placed to work with both companies over an extended period of time to bring about this transaction.

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Joe French, Masstech CEO, signs the agreement after an exhausting negotiation