Our Offering

Is your Digital Marketing achieving your business goals? It is our mission to transform your vision into a reality with our professional digital marketing services.

As consultants, we never try to change your end-goals. Instead, focus on creating a winning marketing strategy that achieves them. Neither do we try to change your branding or key business messages. Instead, it is our goal to help you get results from them.

Our first task is getting to know you. We know that every business is individual and unique, so it is our job to ask questions and spend time with you to gain an all-encompassing understanding of your marketplace, brand, reputation and long-term strategic goals. We then create a Digital Marketing strategy that is fully tailored to your business needs.

Being Human

One crucial ingredient to long-term results is the skillset and confidence of your employees. At Media Asset Capital we have experienced consultants who can offer not only our digital marketing services, but also on-hand advice, training and resources. This ensures your employees have the confidence to implement successful strategies going forward.

Our Service

Digital Marketing is the implementation of integrated and optimised digital channels in to one seamless whole. We aim to make sure your strategy results last – from SEO, website data and content to social media, online advertising and email marketing.

Media Asset Capital have been partnering with media businesses for more than 15 years. We are not an agency – agencies tend to deal with specific tasks such as increasing web traffic or PPC campaigns, whereas Media Asset Capital primarily focus on consulting with the end goal of initiating marketing strategies that work and survive long-term without wasting time or money.

Search Engine Marketing

Despite being complex and ever-evolving, Search Engine Optimisation is crucial in the successful performance of a business website. It is our goal to ensure that the SEM techniques you use will provide top ranking, organic listings.

Through the use of optimised content we aid you in getting to the top of the rankings for the search terms users use within your marketplace. This in turn guarantees they will see your products and services. We will guide you through a cyclical SEO process using relevant and keyword-rich content marketed online through multiple channels.

Proven Strategies

Alongside maximising organic search rankings, we also consult on paid inclusions and sponsored listings/Pay Per Click advertising. The aim of this is to ensure you are top of the search engine results page for the search terms you deem most important when analysing your data. Coupled with organic SEO techniques, this will place you in pole position on search engines.


Successful in-depth analysis is crucial for the ongoing optimisation of your Digital Marketing strategy. Our experienced consultants use multiple SEO application suites to analyse your SEO/SEM strategies to ascertain what works and what does not. Through data analysis we can refine your strategies to maximise results.

Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is sticking around. Social media marketing is not just about getting your company name out there, it is about putting your products, content and brand in front of relevant audiences based on locations and social interests.

If done the right way, social media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. We are here to help you navigate through the ever-evolving and complex world of social media marketing. Social media provides fantastic opportunities to grow your business and reach new, targeted audiences which in turn grows your brand and enhances your business image.

Whether it be via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn we make sure your social media marketing strategy is performing successfully and reaching your long-term strategic needs.

Our Purpose

Media Asset Capital’s purpose is to draw and develop the larger story that your business tells. Through content, ranking, digital media, online advertising, social media, events and email marketing implemented as a whole SEO package, we will guide you through an all-encompassing strategy which will ensure you become the “best in class” and “go to” business” within your industry.