Media Asset Capital acts as strategic advisors on Broadstream’s acquisition of Screen Subtitling

Media Asset Capital is delighted to announce that Automated playout company BroadStream has agreed to acquire Screen Subtitling Systems, Ltd. Media Asset Capital were strategic advisors for the transaction.

The deal will see BroadStream integrate Screen Systems’ subtitling products into their integrated playout platform OASYS.

Speaking about the acquisition, Herbert Brenninkmeijer, chairman and owner of BroadStream, said: “We are delighted to include Screen Systems as part of the BroadStream family. We have experienced phenomenal organic growth over the last few years, and it has been my desire to further foster both our continued growth and our position as a ‘solutions oriented company’ with targeted acquisitions that complement our integrated playout products from strategic partners that offer significant benefits for our global customer base.”

Gary Glover, managing director of Screen Systems added, “This is an exciting opportunity for both companies as many of our customers have requested a playout solution from Screen that provides all the features they need for playout and also delivers a tight integration with our subtitling and value-add products, so this is a big step in the right direction for Screen and we welcome this opportunity to work more closely with BroadStream and their flagship product OASYS Integrated Playout”.